About Me

I’m Thomas Harris, and I recently started this site to help people make sure they pick the right business for themselves.

I have succeeded in a variety of businesses. I started as an IT developer but decided that there was more to life than that. In IT (Information Technology), there was too much stress, too many deadlines, too much out of town travel, and now-a-days, too much competition from younger people and immigrants who are willing to work very cheaply.

Now, I work have a small office, but mostly work at home. My commute is from my bedroom to my office downstairs. I can enjoy a cup of coffee with my wife, read the paper, and take the kids to school each morning, and still have time to walk the dog before going online. When I get online, I spend about 3 hours/day doing “I.P.A.s”, Income Producing Activities. This basically means marketing, such as adding new prospects to my funnel, or closing prospects in my funnel. It involves sending out emails to my list, and create new blog posts and videos of value.

I have mastered several social media platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest. Both of these can be great lead sources for any home-based business opportunity. Once your funnel is built, the leads seem to just come in out of nowhere; but we know it’s really from the “ethernet” – or internet, including those social media sites. As a matter of fact, I tract everything with specially coded tracking links. These are the tips I can share with you on our first consult which is available on my “Free Consult” page.